The Autobiography of a Thief: The Man Behind The Great Train Robbery

Bruce Reynolds

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Bruce Reynolds' life of crime began with a small-scale smash-and-grabs and led to a succession of lucrative, high-profile robberies - but it was on the empty early-morning fields of middle England that he found his Eldorado. In the early hours of 8 August 1963, he and 16 others robbed the Glasgow-to-Euston mail train of #2,631,684 - in today's money, #26 million. The Great Train Robbery was the most infamous robbery in British history, and Bruce Reynolds' account of his life covers every detail of the crime and its aftermath, up to the present day.

Autor Bruce Reynolds
Nakladatel Virgin
Vazba Brožovaná
Rozměr 18 x 11 cm
Počet stran 527
Rok vydání 2000
Stav Použité zboží, lehce poškozená, utržený 1 list, zažloutlé listy
EAN 9780753505953