Checklist of the Metazoan Parasites of Fishes of the Czech and Slovak Republic

Frantiček Moravec

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Investigations into the parasites of fishes in the territory of the present Czech and Slovak Republics have a long history starting with the comprehesive work of Prof. A. Frič "On crustaceans of the Czech Lands" published as early as in 1873. Mainly in the course of he twentieth century, parasites of fishes were intensively studied both in the Czech countries (present Czech Republic) and Slovakia (present Slovak Republic) and a large amount of information has accummulated since. The present Czech and Slovak ichthyoparasitological literature, particularly that dealing with metazoan parasites, is rather extensive, including a large number of paper and books published in Czech, Slovak and other languages; the papers are scattered in many domestic and foreign journals, some of them being hardly accessible. Therefore, it seemed necessary and timely to make a checklist and blbliography, which could help to orient in such an extensive literature. The checklist involves records during the period 1873-2000 published in nearly 700 papers. It gives a contemporary overview of the species composition of these parasites - a total of 344 species, their fish hosts and distribution in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Autor Frantiček Moravec
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